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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Hakim Larionov
Hakim Larionov

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This pack is one of our most popular multi ball packages.We have selected two of the best volleyballs available from Molten to give any club or coach the best ball pack around.This pack comes with 4 x training balls, 1 x match ball and a quality ball bag, that is capable of holding up to 5 fully inflated volleyballs.Pack includes:-4 x Molten V5M3500 training volleyballs.1 x Molten V5M5000 match volleyball.1 x Lusum 5 Ball Tubular ball bagMany of the coaches we work with, have said this is the best value volleyball pack available.

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No one can doubt the quality of Molten volleyballs but, how can you buy Molten volleyballs at the best price. If you are a school, club or coach you will be looking for the best quality balls, at bulk buy prices.We have selected one of the best balls available from Molten to give you the perfect start for any club. This pack comes with 6 x training balls at greatly reduced price.Pack includes:-6 x Molten V5M3500 training volleyballs.After speaking with many coaches and clubs locally, we think pack 1, represents the perfect starter pack, for any club. If however, this pack isn't suitable, check out pack 2 or give us a call, to see if we can make the pack, you and your club require.

The Mikasa MVA200 indoor volleyball was used in the London 2012 Olympics. This pack contains 6 x MVA 200 volleyballs and a stylish Mikasa 6 ball bag.A perfect combination for club and school use. This ball is a high spec volleyball with embossed and dimpled surface whilst the bag has space for 6 fully inflated balls and a front zipped pouch for storing your coaching notes and session plans.

You should already know the quality of the Mikasa VLS 300 volleyball, as it was used in the 2012 Olympic Beach volleyball competition.This pack includes 6 x VLS300 beach volleyballs and a high quality Mikasa 6 ball bag.

This full weight outdoor volleyball is ideal for use on the beach or grass. The Mikasa VXS 4 ball pack consists of 4 high quality volleyballs in a high vis Red/Black/Silver design.The soft feel outer is machine stitched and offers execllent value.

The Mikasa MGV230 ball weighs 230g and is the ideal volleyball for use within schools. The soft feel synthetic cover is designed to give young players confidence when striking the ball as it uses the non sting technology.This pack of 4 x MGV230 volleyballs is perfect for any club or school. Each ball is carefully stitched and the colour design gives the player maximum visibility.This is the biggest selling ball used within schools volleyball and is an official FIVB ball.

The Molten V5M1800-L volleyball is designed for use in schools and clubs, for junior players. The lightweight aspect of the ball is great for training and player development. This pack contains 4 V5M1800-L volleyballsThe Volleyball is the same size as a standard volleyballand weighs between 230g and 250g.The soft feel synthetic leather outer make this the perfect choice for junior volleyball. The Molten V5M1800 also boasts a high quality latex bladder, ensuring maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Custom print volleyballs with today and see your brand name printed beautifully on our promotional vollleyballs for your next event. Get wholesale volleyballs in bulk with us today at cheap low prices.

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We also have a variety of different sizes and material - from mini vinyl volleyballs, to official size Wilson Volley Balls, to generic synthetic leather volleyballs - we have something that will fit your needs.

Our branded volleyballs are appropriate for so many occasions and events! They are great promotional ideas and are extremely popular with schools, colleges, university teams and volleyball clubs. We also have other commercial clients in industries such as advertising, construction, liveries, real estate, pet stores, design, restaurants, hair salons, beverage companies, etc. Your target audience will value these advertising volleyballs and your brand name will always be at the top of their minds.

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These mini volleyballs are sure to make a large impact. A great opportunity to identify your club or company with your community. Great for Give-a-Ways, Promotions, Trade Shows, Advertising and Fund Raisers.

Ningbo Victeam Sporting Goods Co., Ltd is a supplier and exporter specialized in the research, development and production of all kinds of sports products. We are located in Ningbo city, with a convenient transportation access. Mainly producing basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, rugby balls, and related accessories.

The Spring 2023 Miramar King of the Beach "KOB-PRO" outdoor volleyballs are designed for the highest level of competitive outdoor beach volleyball play. That's why the KOB-PRO is the official ball for the global Miramar King and Queen of the Beach and King and Queen of the Court Tours!

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Many lunches are pre-made for workers and are distributed at breakfast time. The bulk of lunches utilize sandwiches made of cutlass bean patty, fish patty, peanut butter, egg salad, fried egg, eggplant or pork meat products. Nuts, fruits, pastries or cookies are added as desserts. These are eaten at sheltered spots right on the work site. Seniors and children are served a hot meal in the communal dining room.

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