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What are PARTNER Rings For Couples and WHO IS THE RIGHT choice for?

Engagement rings and wedding rings are classics for couples in love who want to officially be married. The engagement ring is a symbol of the promise to get married. The wedding ring seals the marriage at the wedding ceremony, and also the bond in law and in the future.

But there is another, less well-known ring style that represents the affection between two people: rings for partners. These rings are a symbol for the bond of love and affection without leading to marriage. They can also be used as a "modern variation" of an engagement ring or to replace wedding rings. They are associated with less traditional traditions and offer more flexibility and individuality.

Partner rings: A deep connection, even without a marriage

It is not the case that all couples are planning to get married in the near or distant in the near or distant future. The couple may be too young to get married or the marriage isn't significant or the circumstances aren't right. That does not mean that the relationship is less secure. Even even if a wedding doesn't happen, many couples still want to express their deep bond with a piece that is visible to everyone. In these scenarios, partnership rings can be a great way to fulfill this wish.

It is also possible to pick partner rings to replace for an engagement ring, or in the event that the wedding date is earlier than planned it is possible to use them as wedding rings. To do this, first place the partnership rings on your left ring finger, and then on your right ring.

What are friendship rings exactly?

Even love that is platonic can be expressed in an item. Partner rings are therefore becoming increasingly popular as friendship rings between two people who feel an intense sense of belonging. Friendship rings tend to be a bit simpler than partner rings. It really is a matter of taste. The most important thing is that they convey a sense of belonging and wearer feels comfortable with the style.

Who is the first person to move when it comes to proposing rings for partnership?

If you believe that rings for partners are the right choice for your relationship, then make the first move. It doesn't matter if the idea originates from the woman or the man. It is more important to consider the timing: Is your relationship good? Do you wish to be together in the future? If you answered both questions "yes", then a ring for your partner would be the ideal symbol.

You can then surprise your partner by giving them a partner ring or ask them to choose rings with you.

What to consider when choosing a couple ring

What is the material used in partner rings?

Partner rings are different than wedding rings. While wedding rings are usually made of gold alloys or platinum partners are made from silver, stainless steel or titanium. Because these materials are typically a little cheaper than platinum, the majority of partner rings are a little less expensive than wedding rings. With the partner rings, there is a possibility that the ring of the woman will differ from the man's. Women's rings tend to be more narrow and are set with stones. The choice is yours.

Partner rings Which finger is the most suitable one?

Engagement rings are typically placed on the finger that holds the ring on the left hand. The wedding ring is worn on the the right hand. What happens to a partner's ring?

There aren't any rules set in stone regarding wearing a wedding ring. Should it be like an engagement ring in meaning? It is best to wear your partner rings left-handed. In general you are able to choose.

What should I think about prior to buying partner rings online?

Would you like to buy your partner rings online? It is crucial to decide on the appropriate size prior to purchase. This free ring template can be helpful. You can use another ring to surprise your partner. If you are unable to find one Ask your partner to determine the ring's size using the template if you wish to make him happy "someday".

JC wedding rings - your online store for partner rings

At JC wedding rings, you will find rings for couples in every conceivable style - there's almost anything left to be wanted. You can buy your most loved jewelry pieces on the internet. If you have any questions please contact our customer service We hope to hear from you.


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