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Hakim Larionov
Hakim Larionov

IPhone 11 Is So Popular It’s Actually Bad News For Apple

Hey there! I saw this screen when charging my phone that died, and as soon as it turned on, the screen told me to go to I didn't think anything of it and powered it off again and it turned back on to normal, since I ignored it, I'm now starting to wonder why it showed up in the first place and if it means something for my phone, if this has something to do with my storage, I could understand since mines almost full and I plan on getting a terabyte for that, I just wanted to know if it's bad news for my phone since I ignored it the first time, I apologize for bothering apple with this question, I shouldn't have ignored it in the first place, Im really sorry abut that, I'm only now realizing this could be bad. Any answers?

iPhone 11 Is So Popular It’s Actually Bad News for Apple

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