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[S1E4] Girl Meets Father

Turning to the Lila case, a trip to the Waddington house shows the girl was super religious, a leftover devotion from her late mother, who was also Catholic. The heavily pregnant new wife (Renai Caruso) claims it was her fault. The girl accused her father of being "unchristian" towards his employees, and a fight ensued. Lila's brother Paul (Sam Clark) quietly admits she probably went to the Sisters of Mercy. But the Reverend Mother (Penne Hackforth-Jones) insists Lila isn't there. She admits the girl did come by, begging to be a nun, but they turned her down.

[S1E4] Girl Meets Father

When they get to the ER, they learn her "boil" is on her labia, but Claire wants to take a look. The patient is experiencing pain which isn't normal for a boil and Shaun suggest she could have flesh-eating bacteria. Melendez speaks to Andrews about the surgery on his pregnant patient, and after questioning if his judgement is clouded, Andrews agrees. Claire is examining Oliva Hartman, the patient explaining the abscess is probably from an untreated chlamydia infection. Shaun begins to visualize everything as she shrieks in pain. Shaun tells her to go on a more upward angle and he offers to try. Claire tells her there is nothing to be embarrassed about as Shaun says 25% of college students contract and STD before graduation. She says she gets tested for STDs every 30 days, giving the nurse pause. She reveals she gets the test every 30 days because she does porn. Melendez talks to his whole team, about how vitally important this surgery is but is interrupted when Jessica Preston calls him out of the OR. He meets with the father who says he doesn't want to do. Melendez tells him that he doesn't have a veto over his wife's medical condition; Jessica informs Melendez that a husband cannot stop him from operating on his wife but he can stop him from operating on his baby.

Jane and Maura investigate the murder of a local college student, Danielle Davis, who was gunned down on campus in broad daylight. According to Danielle's father, she was the perfect daughter. She was attending college on a soccer scholarship and was well-liked by everyone. The investigation reveals however that Danielle had recently lost her scholarship due to an injury but somehow still managed to pay her $57,000 tuition. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend and may have been having an affair wit one of her teachers. When it appears that the may have also been working as a call girl, Jane believes the solution to the crime rests with finding her pimp. Meanwhile, Jane also has to deal with her mother whose attempt at greater independence has left her with a clunker of a car.

Jane meets with Natalie who previously said Danielle didn't have a boyfriend, who says that Danielle broke up with Brandon a month ago because Brandon was stressing her and that she didn't have time for a boyfriend. Brandon was "pissed" since the break-up was so sudden. Natalie knew Danielle had been cut from the team and says she was very upset ("Like she lost herself") and didn't want her father to find out. After her injury, she had been sad about everything, including the break-up.

Jane meets maura at a bar. Jane says she's tired of the case and that they aren't getting closer. Maura tells her the hair was from a toupee. They discuss Danielle being forces to make money by being an escort since she couldn't tell her father about the scholarship being pulled. Maura then gets a text and tells Jane that the piece of plastic they found was from a computer. Jane realizes the killer probably dropped the laptop and that they probably had it repaired.

Jane asks how if was for Maura to work on a live victim, to which she responds that it was terrifying, yet exhilirating. Lucas was assumed to have half a dozen girls working for him, and she probably thought she'd get out if she threatened to go public. Jane announces she applied and got in at BCU, but didn't go because her father would spend all his money on tuition, and she didn't want that. Maura asks what will happen to Natalie, and Jane reveals she made a deal with the university about letting the former escorts go back to school on the university's expense to keep the story from going public. Maura asks what Jane is going to say to Danielle's father, and Jane says all she'll tell him is that she knew Danielle loved him very much. Maura is touched and Jane is grossed out by her reaction. 041b061a72


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