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Ilirija vs Vienna Live Broadcast 25 October 2023

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Kingdom of Illyria - WikipediaFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kingdom of IllyriaKönigreich Illyrien (German)Ilirsko kraljestvo (Slovene)Regno d'Illiria (Italian)Kraljevina Ilirija (Croatian)1816–1849 Flag Coat of arms The Kingdom of Illyria within the Austrian Empire (1822–1849)StatusCrown land of AustriaCapitalLjubljanaCommon languagesItalian, Slovene, Croatian, GermanReligion Roman CatholicGovernmentmonarchyKing • 1816–1835 Francis I• 1835–1848 Ferdinand I• 1848–1849 Francis Joseph IStatthalter Historical eraModern history• Congress of Vienna June 9, 1815• Established August 3, 1816• Croatian territory detached 1822• Revolution of 1848 1849• Disestablished December 8, 1849CurrencyThaler Preceded by Succeeded by Illyrian Provinces Duchy of Carniola Duchy of Carinthia Austrian Littoral Today part ofAustriaCroatiaItalySlovenia The Kingdom of Illyria was a crown land of the Austrian Empire from 1816 to 1849, [1] the successor state of the Napoleonic Illyrian Provinces, which were reconquered by Austria in the War of the Sixth Coalition. BC Vienna - KD Ilirija - 25.10.2023 live → Basketball online on Match broadcast – League, host country - Alpe Adria Cup, Europe. Game - BC Vienna vs KD Ilirija live stream. Date of the match - 25 Oct 2023 ... Peter Kozler designed a map of such an enlarged Kingdom of Illyria, which would later become an important national symbol in Slovenian national consciousness. The proposal was, however, rejected by the Habsburg emperor. The Kingdom of Illyria was gradually mentioned less and less, and officially appeared for the last time in 1849 as a crown land in the March Constitution of Austria. [1] Administration[edit] Illyria was administratively divided into two Imperial-Royal 'Governments' (Latin: Gubernia [de], German: Gouvernements): Laibach (Ljubljana; spelled Laybach in earlier documents) and Triest (Trieste); each of these was subdivided into Kreise (lit. e. Carniola with the capital Ljubljana, the Slovenian Littoral (Goriška and Slovenian Istria), and Slovenian Carinthia. It also included some territories in northwestern Croatia (present-day Istria County and the Kvarner Gulf islands of Krk, Cres and Lošinj) and northeastern Italy (eastern parts of the Friuli–Venezia Giulia region, i. the former Provinces of Trieste and Gorizia and some small parts of Udine around Tarvisio in the north east and Cervignano del Friuli in the south east). In 1822, Civil Croatia between the right bank of the Sava and Rijeka was again merged into the Habsburg Kingdom of Croatia. History[edit] The Kingdom of Illyria was formed to counter the territorial pretenses of the Kingdom of Hungary and the influences of the Russian Empire, but it lost on its significance with the Hungarian annexation of Civil Croatia and Rijeka. [1] The legal and administrative reforms made by the former French authorities deeply transformed the administrative structures of these territories, so the Austrian Imperial authorities thought it better to group most of them as a separate administrative entity, enabling a slow incorporation into the Austrian legal, judicial and administrative system. Ilirija vs Vienna live 25 October 2023 Alpe Adria Cup, Iliri 14 hours ago — Ilirija vs Vienna live 25 October 2023 Alpe Adria Cup, Ilirija v BC Vienna (10/25/2023). Get the complete Head to Head Record and teams ... However, in the early 1820s the pre-Napoleonic Croatian kingdom was reestablished, which also included the territories which had formed part of the Kingdom of Illyria (the city of Rijeka/Fiume and the province of Karlovac). Map of the enlarged Kingdom of Illyria, entitled Zemljovid Slovenske dežele in pokrajin (Map of the Slovene Land and Provinces) In the Spring of Nations in 1848, Slovenes advanced a proposal to include Lower Styria in the Kingdom of Illyria, so most of the ethnically Slovene lands would be united in a single administrative entity and the idea of a United Slovenia would thus be achieved. Hallmann Vienna - KD Ilirija 25.10.2023 - Livescore 1 day ago — Hallmann Vienna vs. KD Ilirija basketball match. You can watch the game's live broadcast on and read the text broadcast on To ... Live Stream Vienna – Ilirija - LiveTV 1 day ago — Watch Live Stream Online Vienna - Ilirija (25.10.23). Live Stream Basketball îíëàéí. - Live. Al Ahli vs Muaither Live 29 September - Beautifully Unblemished Sep 28, 2023 — [live stream] Stream: Al Ahli vs Muaither Live 29 September 2023 1 day ago — Ahli 4–3 Youssef Saad (2), Ali Behzad . Vienna Basket v Ilirija results, stats | Basketball Flashscore basketball coverage includes basketball scores and basketball news from more than 500 competitions worldwide. Vienna Basket, Golden State ... The emperor's opposition to Metternich's idea of national chancellery initially prevented major changes, later the loss of Croatian lands led to a predominance of Slovene-speaking people, and from 1830 a Slovene-speaking metropolitan operated in Illyria. [2] The Austrian court was afraid of uniting Slovene-speaking people, so as early as 1815 the Illyrian court's organizational commission made a proposal that the Ljubljana province (i. e., the higher administrative unit) should not be housed or that domestic (Slovene-speaking) domestic ones should be housed as little as possible. Basket Club Vienna vs Ilirija Basketball H2H, Score, Historikk This page lists the head-to-head record of Basket Club Vienna vs Ilirija including biggest victories and defeats between the two sides, and H2H stats in all ...


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