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Hakim Larionov
Hakim Larionov

King Of New York

Even incidental characters get well-written moments; the Chinese gangster Wong, mentioned earlier, is a connoisseur of vintage horror movies, and has a terrible knack of picking the wrong target in a gunfight.

King of New York

Michael Prince's (Corey Stoll) bid to bring the Olympics to New York is in its final stages, and things are looking good. The announcement is only 3 days away, and Prince is liking his chances. The man is feeling good about himself, not only navigating through and deflecting all of Chuck's (Paul Giamatti) attacks on his bid, but also managing to grow closer to his estranged wife, Andy (Piper Perabo), in the process. They're sleeping together again, and it looks like maybe they're on the road to reconciliation.

Prince asks her to stick around for breakfast, not just for her company, but because she can be useful to him. He has a meeting with Colin Drache (Campbell Scott), and Prince wants Andy to stick around because he knows that Drache, who acts as a middleman between the Olympic committee and all the bidders, will be asking for a juicy bribe. Prince, as we know, wants to do things above board, to be the "good billionaire," and he figures if Andy is around there's no way Drache will implicate himself and ask for a payoff.

Prince says he'll be fine, that he can handle this, but by the end of the episode we're left wondering if Prince has crossed the line, if he's sacrificed his morals in order to satisfy his ego, and if he's left himself open to an attack from Chuck. The episode leaves us hanging in the best way possible. New York gets the 2028 Olympics, Chuck can only watch as Prince revels in the victory, but Prince as a character has never been more complex or compelling. It looks like the rest of this season will keep pushing Prince, keep picking at his sense of self, and I think it's going to make for a great showdown with Chuck by season's end.

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Detail is very good indeed, often reaching a level of excellence that nobody could have ever hoped for with this particular movie, especially considering its limited budget origins. We get a sharp image that showcases some great fine object detail and longer shot observations, the stunning cinematography likely looking better than it has ever done before, with clothing weaves, hair textures, skin tones, and building and set details impressing at every stage.

Another new interview, this time 20 minutes with the Producer, who talks about how it was entirely Italian-funded because the drug theme would have never received funding in the US; how Ferrara demanded Walken for the main role, despite never having met him; how Walken turned up overweight, but transformed himself before filming by going on a crash diet; the fact that the actors were mostly new to the game and all went on to become famous; and some very interesting discussions about not one, but two prequels that they had planned: one about Frank White growing up as a kid in New York, and the other about how he ended up in prison. Shockingly, I genuinely think that there might be actual plans to make them as he suggests named actors for the role, like DiCaprio and Wahlberg. 041b061a72


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