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Nowadays, many colleges strive to create a cozy and comfortable environment for their students, similar to what they would experience at home with their parents. This is a stark contrast to how things used to be, when female students had housemothers who checked if they were in bed on time and male students might have had a proctor living on their floor, but otherwise they had to fend for themselves. Those days are gone. Instead, colleges have large teams of "res life staff" ("res" for residential) who are in charge of dealing with any problem or challenge that their young residents might face. Barrett Seaman, who wrote the book Binge, which is an essential guide to this new college world, discovered that his alma mater, Hamilton (1,700 students), now employs 26 full-time people to handle student issues that in the 1960s were taken care of by only 3. Hamilton is not an outlier.

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According to some web sources , res life staff are usually full-time, professional staff with master's degrees or senior student staff who live in the residence halls and provide support, mentorship, education and activities for the students. They also have on-call responsibilities and receive training in various areas such as communication, diversity, mental health, academic success, community development and emergency response. Res life staff positions may include residence assistants (RAs), community assistants (CAs), duty staff (DS), cluster leaders (CLs) and residence life managers (RLMs).Some critics of res life staff argue that they are overprotective and infantilizing of college students, who should be learning to be independent and responsible adults. They claim that res life staff interfere with students' freedom and privacy, and create a culture of dependency and entitlement. They also point out the high cost of hiring and training res life staff, which adds to the already expensive tuition fees that students have to pay.

However, some supporters of res life staff counter that they are essential for creating a safe and supportive environment for students, especially in times of crisis or stress. They say that res life staff help students adjust to college life, cope with academic and personal challenges, and develop social and leadership skills. They also emphasize the benefits of res life staff for promoting diversity and inclusion, fostering community engagement, and enhancing student retention and satisfaction.

In conclusion, res life staff are a controversial topic in higher education, with both advantages and disadvantages. The role and impact of res life staff may vary depending on the college, the residence hall, and the individual staff member. Ultimately, res life staff are meant to serve the best interests of the students and the college community. e0e6b7cb5c


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