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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Anatoly Terentyev
Anatoly Terentyev

TM - Surprise Package.mp4

Warzone 2 is currently in its second season, and now that players all around the world have gotten their hands on it, the meta is starting to take shape. Right now, there are a selection of assault rifles that are better than the rest, and to the surprise of no-one, the ever-reliable M4 is on the list.

TM - Surprise Package.mp4


The resignation of Michael Niedermayer as leader of FFmpeg yesterday has come by surprise. He has worked tirelessly on the FFmpeg project for many years and we must thank him for the work that he has done. We hope that in the future he will continue to contribute to the project. In the coming weeks, the FFmpeg project will be managed by the active contributors.

Our pre-releases were a fantastic series of events: In Stockholm, Jacob held a speech to the first Swedish buyers of Terraforming Mars. In Karlstad, Jonathan sold several Future Packs (our three sci-fi games with their expansions). In Trelleborg, Enoch was surprised by his local TM-supporters, who had made a cake, T-shirts, coffee cups, and even a jig-saw puzzle, all Terraforming Mars-themed! And finally, in Linköping, Daniel sold out his copies of TM.

They had some advantages though; a knowledge of the land, and their well-homed cunning. Their famed Wing Commanders lead their squadrons in surprise attacks to take out the opposition, while their analysts always came up with new ways to surprise their opponents.

By using this detector you can extract facial features like eyes, eyebrows, mouth, etc. Now you can take custom measurements of these features like measuring the distance between the lip ends to detect if the person is smiling or not. Similarly, you can measure if the eyes are wide open or not, indicating surprise or shock.

The input to our emotion recognition model is a grayscale image of 6464 resolution. The output is the probabilities of 8 emotion classes: neutral, happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust, fear, and contempt.

Contents include fragrances, nail polish or make-up, a sponge tray for cleansing and in the base, a very special surprise c/o Mattel Creations. In a nod to Virgil Abloh's celebration of youth culture, there is one of three Mattel creations Masters of the Universe figurines: He-Man, Skeletor and Evil-Lyn.

For shots higher on the face, I was very surprised and happy to see a minimal loss of distance. All in all, these clubs are very playable and forgiving on shots that miss the dead center of the clubface.

Ingredient transparency is a big deal for brand owners and consumers alike. So it's no surprise when our Wellnex team receives interest from US consumers looking for products containing Replenwell collagen peptides. We're happy to share that our Replenwell ingredients... 041b061a72


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